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Bargaining bulletin: What counts as work time?

Amid the distraction of an armed insurrection in Washington, the joint bargaining team reached an agreement this week that ensures reporters and photographers won’t have to spend their own time and money doing their jobs. 

Several weeks ago the company presented a proposal to cash in at our expense by claiming our work day doesn’t start until we arrive at our first assignment. This week, we succeeded in removing that odious proposal. Our tentative agreement would clarify that travel from an assigned workplace, which is currently our homes, counts as work time. It would also require Tribune to give appropriate notice and consider any hardship if managers decide to change an employee’s workweek.

We also advanced a number of complex counterpropsals, including severance, just cause and reduction in force, among others. Much of the conversation revolved around the amount of severance pay our members should get if they are laid off and in what order they would be let go. This is detailed work, and important work, and we are fighting for all our futures.

We are moving forward toward a contract, but we still have major issues ahead, including discussions on wages, time off and other weighty matters.

In unity,

The Joint Table Team